For us the optimum construction is a means to an end. Nothing other than the implementation of theoretical experience in expedient, practical problem solutions, promotes the advancement of both us and our customers. The prerequisite for this approach is the know-how and innovative creativity of our competent staff, which has been relied upon for half a century.

We can be trusted to take responsibility for each project. If required, we organise the conception, calculation and construction of apparatus and pipelines from a single source – quickly and competently. With our team, shutdown and assembly planning will be in the best, because trustworthy, hands.



In addition, in-house state-of-the-art technology provides our engineers with the prerequisite for innovative construction solutions.

This is how we meet the targets formulated by our customers. Even with the qualified selection of the relevant optimal materials, we don’t leave our partners on their own. We process unalloyed, heat-resistant steel just as effectively as corrosion-resistant steel or non-ferrous metals. It goes without saying that we have the relevant certifications and accreditations.